How are we Creative?

Every once in a while, a customer jokingly asks me if we’re actually “creative”. It’s a fair question considering that there can’t be too much creativity involved in a standard service like garage doors, right?

Usually I answer that we come up with creative solutions to interesting problems.

Sometimes we have to deal with unusual door sizes, outdated garage doors, short ceilings, etc. Recently we even installed a door where the concrete had yet to be laid. We’ve also taken it upon ourselves to build and install custom doors.

Recently, we had a customer ask if we could install a door inside their kitchen instead of a standard window (see picture below)

Aluminum Full View Door as Kitchen Window

Ultimately, what makes us live up to the name ‘Creative Garage Doors’ is that we’re willing to attempt challenges that other companies might ignore and we will do our best to find solutions where others might give up.


Quality You Can Trust

Take a look at these garage doors we just installed with windows. Both doors have the highest quality steel for non-insulated residential doors (24 gauge). We don’t install anything less than the highest quality steel because we want you to know that you can rely on the quality that we provide.

Brand new door install with windows.

Getting a new garage door can really increase your curb appeal. Give us a call if you want more information!