Garage not working properly? Here are a few things to look for to identify the problem:

Door not opening?

The most common reason a door won’t open is because a spring is broken. There are 3 types of springs that are common on garage doors.

  1. Standard Torsion System.

This is the most common type of spring. There is normally one spring on a single car     garage door and two springs on a two car garage door. To identify whether or not it’s broken, look directly above the door and there will be a large black coil. If there is a break in that coil, then you have a broken spring.

  1. Extension Spring System.

These springs are much less common and normally only appear on single car garage doors. To identify whether or not you have a broken extension spring, look to the left and right of the door and there will be one coil on each side. If one of them is broken, it will either be missing, or it won’t be stretched out and will be in two pieces.

  1. Wayne Dalton TorqueMaster springs.

These springs are designed exclusively by Wayne Dalton and the springs are actually inside the tube above the door and it is difficult to diagnose without a trained technician on site.

Another reason that your door won’t open is because your Operator is broken (Motor). The best way to test this is to pull the emergency release chord and try to lift the door manually. If you can easily lift the door manually, then there is most likely an issue with the operator.

Door not closing?

  • Most garage door operators have emergency sensors at the base of the track. If these sensors get blocked or moved, then they won’t let the door close. Most operators will stop after less than a foot, move the door back into the up position and the lights will blink 10 times. If you notice this happening, take a look at the sensors and make sure they are pointing directly at each other and that the LED lights on each sensor are lit and steady.
  • Sometimes a door won’t close because there is something causing the door to get stuck on the way down. The best way to test to see if this is the case, release the emergency chord and see if it is easy to close the door manually. If you find that it is difficult and can identify what is blocking the door from closing properly, remove the object and the door should function normally.
  • If it is neither of the above problems, then it is likely that there is an issue with the operator and should be inspected by a technician.

Door making a lot of noise?

  • Due to the fact that there are a lot of moving parts in a garage door, it needs regular tune ups. Often times a tune up requires that the rollers be replaced. Give us a call to come out and tune up your door, or take a look at our “DIY Tune-up” blog!

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